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We simply don’t need statues of Confederates John C. Breckenridge and John Hunt Morgan near Cheapside Pavilion and the old courthouse in Lexington. You can find out more about the sordid history of the Cheapside slave auction block and of the racist motivations behind these statues here.

Here are my brief personal thoughts, as expressed on Twitter this morning:

Let’s not use public spaces to celebrate traitors and losers with statues erected decades after their side lost for the sole purpose of reasserting white supremacy.
Find worthy heroes to honor, not these villains.
If you are also interested in making Cheapside a more inclusive space, I recommend checking out takebackcheapside.com.

One thought on “take back cheapside

  • June 30, 2017 at 2:01 am

    These men were not traitors and losers but members of the democratic party and both businessmen and slave owners who took up arms to protect their way of life something you could never do. All americans involved in the revolutionary war are traitors and they also lost the war of 1812 and were defeated by Canada each and every single time they arrived in Canada. One Confederate General was killed in combat the other returned to instigate the jim crow laws of the democratic party. General John Hunt Morgan should be moved to the front lawn of his still standing house in lexington. I am surprised the locals have yet to burn down his house. Now the movement of J.C. Breckenridge to a proper location may be more difficult cause he slept everywhere just like General Washington.


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